Pinay Live Sex Chat

How to Talk to a Woman you want in less than 1 minute

  1. Choose the girl you want to voice chat with
  2. Click the big orange “TALK TO ME” button
  3. Add Minutes to your account
  4. Voice chat with the girl using computer or headset
    Voice chat with the girl using phone ( No call charges)

1. What is pinaylivesex? is a Voice sex chat site. Think of it like phone sex but without any expensive phone charges. We have girls who are waiting on private Audio chat rooms for you.

2. What do I need to do to talk to any of the girls?

  • Browse through the site and choose the girl you like
  • Click the big orange “Talk to me” button
  • You will be taken to a page where you can buy minutes using your Credit Card
  • After you have purchased the minutes, you will be automatically taken back to the girls page
  • You will now see a GREEN talk to me button on the girls page. Click it and you will be connected to the girl
  • The girl and you can then chat using phone, headset or your laptop’s in built mike and speakers


3. What do I get?

You get to talk and make friends with sexy and real Tagalog girls who love talking about sex and their fantasies. They will talk to you for 5 minutes or 5 hours, whatever you want!


  1. Computer or Smartphone (any one)
  2. Headset or computer with speakers and microphone
  3. At least 256 kb/s internet connection
  4. Credit Card for purchasing minutes

How to buy minutes credits

  1. Go to our “Buy Minutes” page
  2. Select the number of minutes you want to buy
  3. Enter in your Credit Card details

Note: Minutes can be used to talk to any girl and never expire.


Buy Minutes & Talk to any girl you want